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Working From Home? 7 Cybersecurity Tips to Keep in Mind


The most recent world pandemic has led to the closure of many businesses. Consequently, many professionals have started working from home. And this has become a norm in the IT industry. Even big companies like Google and Facebook have allowed their employees to work from home.

Working from home is flexible and saves you time and hassles on commuting to and from office.

However, cybersecurity can be a key issue as your domestic PC or laptop is not that “supported” by the IT team. Therefore, cybersecurity is your responsibility. A slight incident like hacking or malware can ruin your sensitive data.

To make working from home secure, here are some important cybersecurity tips to follow.

Beware of Suspicious Emails

Data incidents commonly happen because people open emails from senders either outside their company or who’ve hacked their boss email account and pose as the genuine sender—but aren’t. This is known as phishing in which a threat actor tricks you into giving sensitive information with an email that looks genuine.

Therefore, you should be extremely careful as they can send you email posing as your boss or other company officials.

How to identify such emails?

The red flags that an email is fraudulent are bad grammar, a sense of urgency, strange requests, or unusual hyperlinks or unexpected files. For example, you might get an email from your boss asking for urgent cash transfer. If you get such emails, make sure to call and check with the senders.

Avoid Downloading Random Apps

If you are not able to find any application in a trusted app store like Google Play, Microsoft Store, or App Store, it might be available with a third party store or unverified vendor and can contain malware or viruses. Therefore, always consult your IT department before downloading an application from such vendors.

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