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20 Things Every Man Should Do Before Turning Thirty


11.Be a role model to someone younger

You may be a younger member of a family, and therefore your siblings, or your cousins may started having kids of their own.

The best kind of kids, you’ll find, are the ones that aren’t yours. You get to be the cool and fun uncle who everyone loves, but as soon as they poop themselves or start crying, you can hand them off back to their mom/dad like you’re the star quarterback.

12.Find your passion

It could be anything. Love playing sports? Love talking about sports? Love inventing new sports? 

Go ahead, do these things. And do them as best as you can. You literally can’t be wrong. It doesn’t have to lead anywhere, it can just be for you, an ocean of calm in the sea of madness that is life.


As much as we’ve talked about accumulating things and experiences, giving things back every once in awhile is incredibly rewarding too. Do you have any skills, or are you just good with people? If you have the time, do this.

Help someone move

In life, only three things are certain: death, taxes, and being asked to help someone move.

This goes double, if not triple, if you own a van. Get ready for it, because it will happen. However, it’s a great thing to do for someone, and you’ll need someone’s help in the future too. Pay it forward.

14.Begin to enjoy the finer things

Those 5 cent packets of ramen noodles got you through a lot of late nights at college, I’m sure, but as you reach the big 3-0, you would do well to try a little harder at life.

15.Learn to cook one impressive meal

It doesn’t have to be a signature dish of your own concoction, but if you can make a decent meal and present it nicely you’ll always be welcome at a grown-up house party.




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