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20 Things Every Man Should Do Before Turning Thirty


6.Ditch bad friends

I had a friend who used to literally scream at me when I told him I was trying to quit smoking, because he needed someone to validate his own choices.

This man was not a good man. Luckily, bad friends tend to weed themselves out. You might end up with no one beside you at times, but that’s okay, it happen to all of us.

7.Learn to live with yourself

When you were younger, you probably had serious FOMO. If you don’t know what that means, you’re too old to worry about it. But getting older means not having to be where the party is, at least not all the time.

Get to know yourself or you’ll be running around chasing other people forever

8.Put Yourself Out There

It could be a five year relationship, it could be a wistful look with a colleague at work. Hopefully it takes more than a look.

Falling in love with someone is so wonderful and horrible, so nerve-wracking and yet so becalming that you’ll hate yourself for having done it sometimes. But it’s the best thing in the world for reminding yourself you are still human.

9.Get your heart broken

Same sort of thing, really.

Could be big (a broken engagement), could be small (the girl whose name you don’t know turns up at the bus stop with a man by her side), and while it may sting like crazy at first, you’ll be grateful for the trouble in the long run.

10.Give good/bad advice

I once volunteered to teach DIY at a charity, and school children would ask me, a 23 year old, for advice.

Did I give good advice? Hell no, I was a mess. But it felt nice to be asked, to impart whatever existential crisis I was having at the time, and how best someone can avoid it.




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