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20 Things Every Man Should Do Before Turning Thirty


things every man should do

Life may get a little more real when you hit the big three-oh.

You’ve got a wedding on every second weekend, proverbial clocks start ticking and Tinder swipes start getting a little more desperate.

That said, a man doesn’t fundamentally change when the clock strikes 30. Who you are at 30 is much more a product of your experiences and development throughout your formative twenties.

So, what can you do now?

Worry not, I’ve put together this list just for you. Whether you’re a teenage or twenty-something-year-old man, make sure you’ve completed most of the things set out below so you can wander into your thirties like a mean old cowboy kicking open the saloon doors, guns drawn.

Let’s get to it, boys.

1. Become financially independent

Arguably, this advice is hard to appreciate, given how fully we as a generation have been impacted by the actions of the previous, but no pain, no gain right?

If you haven’t already, get out from under your parent’s feet. They may say they “don’t mind” giving you a helping hand, but you should.

2.Have some discretion

Maybe don’t broadcast every thought you have on Facebook. No one cares. No one has ever cared.

We don’t need a thousand updates on the status of your relationship, selfies, or musings on how much of a “geek” you are. Uploading 400 photos in an album titled “last night” is not a great use of time.


On that note, you’ve heard it a million times, but traveling will open your eyes.

Don’t hit up KFC first thing when you get to where you’re going, be respectful and willing to learn. You’ll come back appreciating home much more, too.

4.Be able to call it a night

OK. Unless things are going well with a little cutie, you don’t have to stay up until 4am just for the sake of it.

The most mature thing someone can do is to say, “right, I’m off,” and then actually leave.

Most parties tend to suck after a certain point anyway, so try and find the peak point of a given night, and then make your move.

5.Learn to live with other people

College is the time to do this, and then maybe a couple of years after when you’re figuring out what to do with your life.

You’ll make horrible choices regarding roommates (if you even get to choose) and in the inevitable crises (rising damp, friends not paying rent) that follow, you’ll be sure to learn a lot about yourself.




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